17 Benefits of Cumin Leaves for Skin and Diseases

16 March 2019

Cumin leaves which are also often referred to as aceran, iwak, goat leaves, cat leaves and various other designations are very often used in various countries to be mixed together with lamb or beef dishes. This plant originating from South Africa can not only be used in the culinary field but also has many health benefits. Cumin leaves are also often used to eliminate odors and tastes from fish and meat, which trade has spread throughout the world from Arab, India, Southeast Asia, Europe and even the United States. In some countries, cumin leaves are also known by several names such as indian mint, cuban oregano, french thyme and mint soup. There are several ingredients in this leaf that can be used to cure various diseases such as essential oils, potassium, phenol and phytosterin. To add your information about what are the benefits of cumin leaves for the body and health, here are the full reviews for you

1.Cure Respiratory Disorders
Solution to cough , runny nose, sore throat, sinuses and nasal congestion are some of the respiratory disorders that can be overcome by chewing or brewing cumin leaves. The compound contained in the leaves is very useful as a powerful expectorant for removing mucus and phlegm while cleansing the sinuses, preventing bacteria and pathogens from developing in the tract.

2.Maintain Skin Health
Cumin leaves can also be used as a very effective skin beauty solution such as curing insect bites, eczema, psoriasis, redness and also swelling due to anti-inflammatory compounds contained in cumin leaves which are also efficacious to deal with itching and irritation.

3.Prevent cancer
From a study also proved that cumin leaves are also very effective to be used as a solution for breast cancer. Antioxidants, gamma linoleic omega 6 acid and several other substances in herbal leaves are very effective in inhibiting the spread of breast cancer cells and even overcoming the early symptoms of prostate cancer.

4.Reducing Stress and Anxiety
In cumin leaves contain organic compounds as well as minerals so that in some countries it is often made into tea to reduce levels of anxiety and high stress because it can provide peace of mind, relaxation and also sleep better.

5.Treating Fever
When you are experiencing a cold or cold, the symptoms most often experienced by sufferers are fever. The content in cumin leaves is very effective for boosting the immune system so that it can stimulate sweat and also speed up the recovery process of the cause of the fever.

6.Overcoming Intestinal Syndrome
In traditional use, cumin leaves are also often used to cure stomach aches, catch colds while reducing irritable bowel syndrome by improving digestive health and preventing inflammation in the abdominal area. Making this leaf into tea is one of the effective treatments to treat intestinal syndrome and other digestive disorders.

7.Prevent thrush
Regular chewing of cumin leaves is also known to be very good for curing canker sores and also several other types of oral infections such as dry lips and rupture, toothache, gum inflammation and various other mouth disorders.

8.Maintain Blood Pressure
The ability of cumin leaves to reduce high cholesterol levels also affects blood pressure balance. With the maintenance of blood pressure, various diseases such as hypertension can be prevented only by consuming cumin leaves regularly like chewing, mixed with food or made into tea.

9.Cure dizziness
If you often experience dizziness, migraines or headaches , you can use these cumin leaves for natural healing. The compounds found in cumin leaves are very suitable to be used to treat various mild neurological disorders such as some of these diseases.

10.Treating Ayan
Although not yet scientifically proven, this cumin leaf has been very often used as a treatment for epilepsy that often occurs in children. For how to use it is also very easy, namely by drinking cumin leaves boiled water regularly every day until epilepsy can be cured.

11.Counteracting Free Radicals
The content in cumin leaves is very high in sources of antioxidants which are good at counteracting free radicals in the body. Free radical buildup in the body that can cause liver disorders, premature aging and so on will be overcome with cumin leaves because of its ability to remove toxins in the body .

12.Prevent Nosebleeds and Bleeding
Indonesian people often use these cumin leaves to stop bleeding in open wounds such as nosebleeds. These leaves can be crushed and distributed on wounds that have been cleaned or can also drink boiled leaves of cumin which also accelerates the process of wound healing .

13.Cure Rheumatism
Rheumatism is often experienced by parents and if not treated immediately it can get worse and further disrupt activities. To cure rheumatism while reducing the pain caused, you can smooth 5 cumin leaves then mix with enough betel lime and use it for balancing sick body parts.

14.Overcoming Bloated Stomach
Flatulent problems not only interfere but can also hamper your daily activities. You can use cumin leaves as a natural treatment for flatulence by boiling some cumin leaves with a glass of water until the remaining half a glass is then filtering and drinking while still warm.

Not only treats all kinds of diseases, but cumin leaves are also very well consumed during breastfeeding because of their ability to facilitate and multiply breast milk. Even how to consume cumin leaves is fairly easy and delicious because it can be mixed in soup or consumed in raw condition as a friend of vegetables.

16.Contains Omega 6
Cumin leaves that have been extracted into oil contain volatile compounds including omega 6 fatty acids such as gamma linolenic acid. This fatty acid is needed by the body to deal with arthritis and also increase joint regeneration which is important for athletes or people with osteoporosis who often experience pressure or collision in joints and bones.

17.Sources of Vitamins A and C
Cumin leaves are also a very high source of vitamin A and vitamin C. Ascorbic acid or the benefits of vitamin C in leaves are useful for increasing body immunity. While carotenoids and vitamin A are needed to improve vision health, prevent oxidative stress of the eye and also prevent macular degeneration.

Although it is still rarely used by Indonesian people, the benefits of cumin leaves have been used by the world community both in the culinary field and used as herbal ingredients to cure diseases. Cumin leaves are a delicious treatment because they have fresh flavors and aromas like mint leaves.

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