4 Hacks for Longer Lashes

05 March 2020

Do you ever wish that you were blessed with those long, luscious, and voluptuous eyelashes that men seem to always have? Eyelashes can really help vamp up your look and it's no wonder that women are always looking for ways to improve their lashes. While you might think that you are doomed to the short and straight lashes that you were born with, there are actually things you can do and try to get the amazing look that you desire. So here are four hacks for longer eyelashes:

Use Olive Oil
If you are looking for a quick and easy hack to help your lashes that you probably already have in your kitchen - then look no further than olive oil! It's true that olive oil isn't just for cooking but it can also help lengthen and strengthen your eyelashes. This is a great hack if you are on a budget since you can use what you already have but there are actually specific kinds of olive oil that have proven to be particularly effective at improving your lashes. Olive oil works because it has essential fatty acids that moisturize and soften your lashes. The best way to apply it is with a dipped Q-tip or with a disposable mascara brush.

Stimulate Your Lashes
Speaking of mascara brushes, another hack that you can try to get longer lashes is to try stimulating your lashes by brushing them. This may sound overly simple but brushing your lashes can help to freshen them up and keep them looking their best before you apply any products. This is also a really inexpensive hack that is definitely worth a try if you are on a budget.

Eyelash Extension Procedure
Going from inexpensive and easy to expensive and involved, another thing that you can do if you are really set on getting longer lashes is to get an eyelash extension done. Eyelash extensions have become all the rage lately because the results can look really good but it might not be worth the price and the hassle. Eyelash extensions can cost hundreds of dollars and require a ton of maintenance - you have to go back to get them filled every few weeks, costing more money each time. Furthermore, lash extensions are a legitimate procedure that should be done by an experienced technician and it can be hard to figure out who is reputable or not. You definitely don't want to risk your lashes with someone who doesn't know what they are doing! They also require special care and don't react well with mascara or certain types of eye makeup like cream-based liners. You also need to make sure that you clean them with special products that won't damage them and just overall treat them with a lot of care and caution. There is also a risk of infections and complications from this procedure. Overall, eyelash extensions definitely look good if they are done correctly but it's a very cash and time-intensive solution to getting longer lashes.

Magnetic Fake Eyelashes
If you are looking for longer eyelashes quickly but don't necessarily want to spend hundreds of dollars to have a bunch of products semi-permanently stuck to your eyes, you might want to try magnetic fake eyelashes. Unlike traditional falsies, these lashes don't use glue at all and use magnets instead. They are quick and easy to use, and many are even reusable! When buying magnetic false eyelashes, make sure that the ones you buy have several magnets instead of just two or three so that they actually line your entire eye with no gaps. There are a wide variety of styles, materials, and lengths out there that you are bound to find great ones that can work for everyday use, nights out, or special occasions.

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