7 Benefits of Rose Water for the Face Especially Aside from Being Toner

04 July 2019

Beauty care from natural ingredients is already familiar. One of the most popular ones is rose water. Yes, rose water as one of the beauty treatments has been around for a long time. Behind the beauty and elegance of roses, it turns out the following are the benefits of rose water for facial beauty!

Benefits of Rose Water
Rose water is no longer a foreign ingredient in beauty. Besides being loved because it has a beautiful shape, the scent of a rose is also very pleasant. Not unexpectedly, this flower also has various benefits if it is processed into rose water. Here are some of the benefits of rose water for the face!

1. Cleanse make up
The first benefit of rose water is that it can be used as a make up remover . After using makeup all day, of course the face must be cleaned immediately. Apart from so that the skin can breathe, the purpose of cleaning make up is to avoid accumulating various bacteria and dirt on the face which can cause various facial problems.

If you run out of clean make up , rose water can be used as a make up for your emergency remover . How to use it is by mixing coconut oil and rose water, then apply on the face using a cotton swab.

2. Overcoming spotty
The second benefit of rose water is to overcome acne. Acne is a facial problem that cannot be underestimated because besides making it uncomfortable, acne can also damage a person's appearance. Rose water has antibacterial properties so it can be used to treat various skin infections caused by bacteria such as zits.

How to use rose water to deal with acne is to apply it to the entire face. You can mix lemon juice for a more effective concoction, but keep in mind that lemon juice should not be used by the owner of dry skin.

3. As eye care
The benefits of rose water for the next face are eye care. Caring for the eye area is often overlooked, even though fresh eyes are also one of the keys to a beautiful appearance. Apart from not being treated well, pandas usually appear due to irregular sleep patterns.
Cooled rose water can be used as an ingredient to compress the eyes. Its usefulness is to overcome swollen eyes or can also overcome panda eyes. The eye area becomes fresher and brighter if this rose water compress is used routinely.

4. Face toner
Facial toner is also one of the many benefits of known viva rose water. After cleaning the face, the application of toner to the face is also a very important thing in the series of skin care routines . The use of toner aims to clean the face more cleanly and as the next layer of protection for the skin.

5. Keep skin moist
The benefit of other wamar water is that it can keep the skin moist. The use of rose water on the skin of the face will help the skin well hydrated. If the skin is well hydrated, the moisture of the skin can also be maintained. In addition, rose water can also balance the pH of the skin. A balanced pH level is one of the keys to healthy skin.

6. Prevent premature aging
Rose water is believed to have antioxidant content so that it can counteract free radicals. This is what makes rose water also believed to help prevent premature aging. In addition to using rose water regularly, to get a face that is youthful of course you also have to pay attention to overall facial care.

7. Refreshes the face again
The benefits of rose water for the last face is to refresh the body. You can use rose water as a spray for the face that can refresh the face again without having to touch up . In addition, rose water is also often used as one of the basic ingredients of spray settings that are used to make makeup on the face to be durable.


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