Benefits of Extraordinary Massage for Menstruation

24 June 2019

You are often cranky when menstruation is coming, this is known as PMS. Generally it is felt by all women but has different symptoms. Some women who feel pain around the abdomen at the bottom there are also those who feel nauseous, dizzy until mood changes. The benefits of massage for menstruation are as follows:

1. Streamlining menstruation
When your menstruation is not normal you can consult a doctor, besides that you can also do a light massage at the right point. Basically the reproductive nerve points are in the palms of the hands and feet. You can do a light massage on the back of your hand that is right on the wrist bone that has the same width as your index finger.

2. Reduces pain in the waist
Usually when menstruating, you will experience aches around your waist so you can relax and massage the bones in the ankles of the outer part towards the inside. You can do it before your menstruation arrives (one day before) so that it doesn't make your activities disturbed by PMS symptoms.

3. Relieve stress from PMS symptoms
Massage has been shown to reduce stress, reduce pain due to daily activities and can improve immunity. Just using your time for 30 minutes to do a light massage will improve your mood. In addition, there are brain waves that can respond to the ability to change the state of the body. Massage done in the morning will make you refreshed and focused while at night will help you in creating a quality sleep.

4. Relieves stomach cramps
It has become a common thing for some women who experience PMS symptoms, stomach cramps. Symptoms can last for a while or long, in some cases menstrual pain can be experienced on the first day or until the third day. You can do massage in a circular manner on the abdomen by giving a light massage.

5. Eliminates aches
The massage that tells you will help you get rid of aches. This symptom is experienced by those of you who will enter the first menstruation until the first day. The sore part can be lightly massaged so that it does not become stiff and comfortable for you. Massage has several types, but what is often used to overcome menstrual problems is refraction massage because of the nerve pathways that are connected so that it stimulates the organs of the body. You can do reflexology at the fitness center, you can also consult about your menstrual problems. Usually it will be adjusted to the interference you experience so that the massage point is right on the target. There are several points that are usually used including the hands and feet as an area where nerves are related to reproduction. Although it does not rule out the possibility for a light massage you can do it yourself at home when PMS symptoms attack you. If the situation is getting worse you can consult a doctor .

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