Caring for Miss V Naturally 10 tips on caring for Miss V to stay healthy naturally

08 February 2019

1. Maintain personal hygiene and cleanliness in an intimate relationship with your husband. This is done to prevent infection through the reproductive tract. It is not advisable to have multiple partners because it will increase the likelihood of infection.

2. Use clean water to clean Miss V. Perform washing especially after urinating or large. Rinse the vaginal area from front backward to avoid contamination of germs in the anus.

3. Keep your vagina and groin area to keep it dry. Humid conditions will attract more and mildew can cause interference with your reproductive organs.

4. Perform maintenance on the hair that grows in the area of your vagina. Rapikanlah to shorten or cut using scissors or shaved, do not be revoked because it will cause holes.

5. Keep your underwear. Change your underwear at least two to three times a day. Also choose underwear material that can easily absorb sweat, because if the fungus can be attached to the genitals. Avoid exchanging clothes with others even in his own family, because every person has different sexual conditions.

6. Replace pads as often as possible during menstruation. When menstruation germs easy to get in and pads that have no blood clot is home to a fungus and bacteria. Try to replace every 4 hours, 2-3 times a day, or have felt uncomfortable. Do not forget to clean the vagina before when changing pads.

7. For patients with fungal infections, wash underwear in a proper way. The fungus can only be turned off by the high heat. You can boil your underwear washed.

8. Perform special precautions to detect any abnormalities. This is necessary because there are some diseases that can not be prevented simply by maintaining clean only.

9. Keep your immune system in general by eating a balanced nutritious diet. Do teratus exercise and intake of multivitamins provide acidity to increase secretion of Miss V.

10. Use Natural Crystal X for Women to care for the health and youthfulness of vagina and prevent disease in your reproductive organs. That's 10 tips on caring for our vagina can serve. By following the 10 tips on taking care of the vagina above hopefully your female organs free from distractions such as vaginal discharge, cancer and other reproductive organs.

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