Check Your Grooming Method This Is The Right Order So That Make Up Last Longer In The Face

18 March 2019

When you move all day, sometimes the makeup that you use doesn't last long. Incorrect in the order when applying make up can be one of the factors that make up is not long lasting! If you sort it correctly, the makeup you use will still look perfect on your face. For those of you who still like to be confused in applying make up, let's follow the correct makeup sequence below so that your makeup lasts longer all day.

Clean the face first

Before starting to apply make up, make sure you have cleaned your face first. That way, the dirt and oil that sticks to the face can be lost so it doesn't mix with the make up that you will use. If you don't clean your face first, then makeup that mixes with oil on your face can clog your pores and cause acne. So, make sure your face is clean of dust and oil that sticks to the face.

Using Primary

The next step is to use primary makeup. That way, your face can look smoother and softer. Using primary makeup before applying other makeup can be useful to make your makeup more resistant throughout the day. In addition, primary makeup is also useful to disguise the pores on the face. If your skin is dry, you can mix your primary makeup with a moisturizer to get the perfect facial moisture. Let's go!

Use of the Foundation

Then you can start using the foundation. To make your makeup look perfect on your face, make sure the foundation color you choose is in accordance with your skin color. If you want brighter skin, you can choose colors that are one level brighter with your skin color. But make sure it's not too bright because it can make the foundation not blend well on your face. Choose a foundation that is oil free if you have problems with oily skin.

Use Powder and Spray Settings

The last step is to use powder to lock your makeup. By using powder, your makeup is more durable and this type of powder is safer to use especially if you have problems with oily skin and acne. To be more durable, after using powder, you can add spray settings as a final touch.

Follow the order of makeup that is right above and your makeup will definitely last longer when you move all day long. It's not too difficult right to apply makeup in the right way? With that order, you don't need to apply makeup repeatedly in a day. Good luck

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