How To Have A Spa Day At Home

17 December 2020

Remember a few months ago when the lockdown still had a bit of novelty appeal? For many, those days are well and truly over. Cabin fever has set in. Your social calendar has been empty for months, you have barely seen your friends and family all year, and the walls feel like they are starting to close in. Worst of all, the chances for some self-care and pampering are few and far between. You might be lucky enough that Spas, hairdressers and nail salons are open in your area, but if you are someone who has a vulnerable person in their household, or you want to visit an elderly relative within the next month, these places are simply not worth the risk. Corona or not, a day at the Spa can be a day that is heavy on the wallet. That's why we've put together this handy little guide to help you create a full Spa experience in the comfort of your own home. So grab your favourite products, cancel your zoom meetings, gather up your fluffiest, softest towels and slippers, and get ready for a day of nourishment and refreshment that will leave your batteries fully charged.

1. Creating the atmosphere
It's not just the treatments at Spas that give you the lovely fuzzy feeling of relaxation and melt away all your troubles. As soon as you walk through the door, the carefully curated environment begins to work its magic on the senses. A few simple steps can go a long way to help create a calming and peaceful ambience. Start by making sure your home is clean and free of clutter (bonus points if you have a partner or housemate who can do this for you). Temperature and lighting are important here and this can come down to personal preference. Maybe you like the sunlight on your skin, or perhaps you want to draw the curtains and put on some background lighting to get the mood just right. Depending on the season you can set the thermostat at the perfect warmth, or open the windows to let in a cool summer breeze.

Spas always smell so good and this is easily achievable at home. Whether it's a citrus blossom scented candle, sandalwood incense or eucalyptus oil diffuser, fill your house with delightful aromas, then find a relaxation or massage playlist on Spotify and all of your senses will be officially soothed.

2. Let the pampering begin
With the scene well and truly set, you may already begin to feel like you could lay down on the sofa and let the eucalyptus and om chanting music drift you into another dimension. You won't hear any argument from us! If you're still with us, now is the time to break out the beauty routines. Hair masks, skin packs, eye masks, mud facials, manis and pedis - you know the score and you know what products and procedures work best for you, so don't let us get in your way. But we do have a few little secrets up our sleeves. Our first tip will bring a touch of Spa treatment class directly into your lounge, with luxury beauty care range Misumi. With a Skin Perfecting Cleanser and Pore Purifying Toner to wash away impurities and a Wrinkle-Free All Day Moisturizer to protect and lock in moisture, their Complete Clear 3-step System will leave your skin with a full profession facial feel. Next up, a foot spa. You don't have a fancy machine or skin eating fish at the ready? Do not despair. Grab a container that you can fit your feet in, fill it with warm water, add a few large spoons of Epsom salts, a large spoon of bicarb, a small teaspoon of coconut oil and 3 drops of peppermint essential oil. Voila, a refreshing, tingly footbath that will have your toes and heels feeling brand new in no time.

3. Bliss stage
Now that the skin, hair, nails and feet are taken care of, its time to slip away into a state of deep relaxation. There are many options here. Maybe a hot bath with lavender essential oils, maybe a period of meditation on your yoga matt, maybe a lay down outside in the shade of your favourite tree, or maybe your partner or housemate wants to earn even more brownie points by treating you to a gentle massage. What's that, you want all four options? Great choice. By now you're floating away on a fluffy white cloud. Why not end the day with a treat? A cold glass of bubbly or few luxury chocolates would really top things off nicely.

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