How to Use the Right Face Mask

20 April 2019

Every woman certainly craves beautiful and delicate facial skin but of course there are consequences that must be faced. The women must undergo the habit of living healthy and clean so that facial skin is always clean too. In addition, regular and regular facial skin care is needed to maintain healthy and beautiful facial skin conditions.

Indeed, women can get skin health care at beauty clinics that offer various beauty care packages. It's just that it must be admitted that not all women have access to beauty care because the price is very expensive. However, this does not mean that women cannot get skin care because of the fact that skin care can be done independently at home.

One type of treatment that can be done independently at home is to use a face mask. Actually, face masks have been known by our ancestors, although not by the same name. Our ancestors have long used various natural herbal and fruit ingredients to treat facial skin beauty. At present the same material is still used by various mask products even combined with various chemical elements to obtain optimal results.

It seems very easy to apply a mask to the skin of the face but in reality it is not as easy as we think. Here are the most basic ways you should know to use a face mask.

Cleaning the face
This is a must done before applying the mask to the face. Cleansing the face is very important because our faces are exposed to many impurities such as dead skin cells, dust, cigarette smoke and vehicles, sun exposure and so on. The ladies are advised to remove the dirt first by washing their faces so that the mask material can be absorbed to the skin optimally.

Using Hands, Finger and the Right Method
Among the five types of fingers that we have the best fingers to use apply the mask is the middle finger because this finger is the longest and strong enough to place pressure on the facial skin when needed. A brush can also be used to apply masking materials, but not many like it because most brushes have a rather coarse coat. Of course the mask material must be applied evenly to the victim's face to get maximum results.

Wait for the Mask to Work
In general, the mask is mounted on the face in just a few minutes, at that time try not to move the facial muscles and give expression that makes the faces of the ladies move. This is important so that the ladies' masks don't break when on the skin surface.

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