Natural Ingredients For Spa Treatments At Home

27 May 2019

Ladies, after being exhausted by the intense activity of going out to do a spa can be a very pleasant choice. Because in a beauty salon you can pamper yourself with a variety of beauty treatments from head to toe. But there are times when you have limited time or allocation of funds that do not allow you to go to a beauty salon. Now doing a spa at home is also not a problem, you know, Ladies. Previously you could recognize the benefits of a series of spa treatments at home first now, let's check here natural ingredients for home spa treatments.

Papaya for Exfoliation
Papaya contains vitamins E, A, C, K as well as antioxidants. The content of an enzyme called papain is not only useful for health, it is also useful for skin and hair care. For skin health, papaya is useful as exfoliation or helps exfoliate dead skin cells.

Before using this papaya mask, the face should be given prior steam. After the face has been evaporated for about 5-8 minutes, you can apply papaya paste. Let stand 10-15 minutes until the face feels fresh. Then rinse your face cleanly.

Avocados for Hair Masks
The fat content of avocados is easily absorbed by the hair. Vitamin E and its antioxidants help restore healthy luster to the hair. For spa treatments at home, ever Ladies can use avocado as a natural hair treatment ingredient, which is used as a hair mask.

The method is very easy. Simply mix avocado meat that has been crushed with 1 tablespoon of honey. Then apply to hair that has been washed clean. Wrap the head with plastic and a warm towel for 15 minutes. After that rinse thoroughly.

Banana and Sugar Scrubs for the Body
Banana fruit contains vitamins B, E, C and fatty acids that can help remove black stains on the skin of the body. In addition, bananas can also treat dry skin and give moisture to the skin.

How to make enough to crush the banana with a little coconut oil and sugar, then stir evenly. Scrubs of bananas and sugar are ready to be distributed throughout the body.

How has it ever been? Is it easy not to do a spa from home? By diligently caring for the skin, you will get beautiful, healthy skin. In addition to caring for him from the outside, skin care from within is also important Ladies.

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