Not Every Day But This Is the Right Time for Fitness

26 June 2019

The high ambition and obsession to get a muscular and muscular body, making many people too fierce their bodies to continue to do weight training. This generally occurs in people who have just joined a fitness center. Usually, these new people will be more enthusiastic and will do exercises with a fairly intense intensity, even every day.

In fact, weight training also has rules for the game. These rules must be followed by all weight training participants to get maximum results. In addition, the prescribed rules can also protect the body from the risk of injury. Well, for those of you who want to do weight training, it helps you know the right time for training to get maximum results and avoid the risk of injury.

From various sources that have been collected, weight training that is good for beginners is 4 times a week by giving a one-day break. More specifically, you do exercise twice a day so that the week only lasts 4 times.

For example, starting on Monday, then the next day is Wednesday, then Friday, and continued with the week. In empty time, fill it with rest so that the cells and muscle tissue can repair themselves due to the exercise that makes the wound. Because, if not given a break, then the muscle will be torn, causing severe injuries accompanied by extraordinary pain.

So, when you are in fitness, never make the same movement for a long time. For example, you want to form arm muscles, then you lift the barbell all day full of excuses to accelerate the formation of arm muscles. Though this method is not justified and can actually interfere with the performance of other muscles.

It is better, on one day of practice, do a variety of exercises, such as lifting weights, cardio, running, or so on. But also pay attention to your physical abilities, not to be forced because your muscles are still not used.

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