The Point That Must Be Understood for Face Accupressure

24 April 2019

As the name implies, the full-face method is carried out basically by sticking to certain points on the face that are believed to facilitate blood flow and make the face more fresh and beautiful. Indeed, today many beauty clinics serve treatments with full-face methods, but actually we do not need to visit a beauty clinic because full-blooded faces can be done independently in our homes.

The correct way to punch your face is to use the tip of your ring finger or middle finger because the finger is long enough to reach certain areas of the face. Besides that this finger is also quite strong. Apply to the facial skin not to the bone because it will cause bruising. Full-blooded facial movements not only by sticking but also pulling facial skin upward rather than downward which will only make the face older.

Basically a full-blooded face is not only done by stabbing a face because when we move a full-blooded point our face does not lift the finger but it is recommended to shift the finger from one point to another. The several face points that need to be studied are as follows:

Upper Forehead
The ladies can start from the midpoint of the hairline above the forehead and then move the finger sideways to follow the hairline slowly.

Middle Forehead
This movement starts from pressing the finger to the middle of the finger then sideways to the temple. The ladies can do it repeatedly while pressing 4 points on the face.

Upper Eye
The ladies can start from the point on the side of the base of the nose then slide a little up to the base of the eyebrow and hold and press a few seconds. Slide the finger to the top of the eyebrow, press again for a while then slide to the tip of the eyebrow then hold for a while and release. Press the same point again then slide it to the temples, press, hold and release.

Lower Eye
This is useful for preventing eye bags. The trick is simply to press the finger at the bottom of the eye bone and then slide it down a little to the end of the eye. From that position then slide it to the temple's basin. Press and hold and release.

This is intended to keep the cheek skin tight. Position the finger under the nostril then slide it to the side then press and hold then release. Take the last position again and then slide it to the center of the cheek, press and hold and release again. Take the last position and slide it down to the bottom ear lobe and press and hold and release.

Position your finger under the chin then press and slide towards the tip of your lips, continue to the location of the dimples, proceed towards the lip arch when smiling and end at the point between your cheeks and ears. Do it slowly accompanied by pressure and hold every time you want to move to another point.

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