These Natural Materials Complete Your Dry Lips

04 May 2019

Unfriendly air as it is now makes us so often bad mood and body health also decreases, including problems with dryness in the lip area. If the lips are dry and cracked, it feels annoying because you can't use reliable lipstick. In addition to lip balm which is a dry lip solution, using natural ingredients can be a new choice to try (the results will also be more efficacious, you know!). Here are some natural ingredients to finish your dry lips!

1. Honey
You may have heard of the benefits of honey for lips. In fact, honey is indeed able to make our lips more moist and rosy. Honey has antibacterial properties and can prevent infection when chapped lips. Although currently there is lip balm with honey content, but applying real honey on the lips will be much better.

2. Lemon
Lemon also has benefits for dry lips. Because the content is rich in vitamin C, lemon can help remove bacterial cells on the lips. Wow , lemons can fit in anywhere, both as a flavoring for food, drinks and body health. All hail the power of lemon!

3. Butter
Butter? Seriously? YesYou must also be surprised if the food ingredients that are usually located in this kitchen also have properties for your dry lips. The content of fatty acids in butter actually works to maintain lip moisture. Live rubbing butter on your lips (not topping on bread, yes), lips will be far from the word dryness!

4. Aloe Vera
This one plant is indeed very in fact because it is rich in benefits such as moisturizing the skin on the face, body, and fertilizing hair. Aloe Vera or usually called aloe vera also has benefits to prevent lip irritation. Simply apply the aloe gel on the lips, so the cold sensation on your lips will help treat your lips to become more moist and look shining.

5. Coconut oil
If you usually use coconut oil to saute food, now try changing the way you use the ingredients! Because the lauric acid content of coconut oil has good benefits for lip health. The content is effective in reducing inflammation and fighting bacteria on the lips. By using coconut oil at night the results will be far more optimal because your lips will absorb natural fats from coconut oil. Ladies, dare to try it?

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