Tips to Stay Beautiful at More Than 35 Years Old

29 April 2019

Having aging with scaly and wrinkled skin is a nightmare for women. It's old is something that runs naturally and can't be stopped, but this does not mean we can just give up because of the fact there are some things we do to slow down the effects of aging and maintain healthy skin conditions to still be able to look beautiful. The following are symptoms of aging and some solutions that can be taken to overcome them.

Rough and Dull Skin
This is actually triggered by exposure to ultraviolet light from the sun which directly affects the skin layer, thus accelerating the effects of aging on the skin.

The solution is to use skin care products that contain lots of vitamin C, alpha hydroxy acids and glycolic acid which are useful for improving blood circulation, lifting dead skin cells and restoring skin brightness.

Dry and Scaly Skin
Basically triggered by a lack of supply of oil as a natural skin moisturizer and age factor.

The solution is to use skin moisturizing products that contain hyluronic acids which function to hold water in the skin, and contain glycerin which functions to distribute nutrients to the skin.

Redness Irritation and Itching
Can occur due to allergies to certain cosmetic products, or the skin is too brittle for cosmetics with a formula that is too heavy so the skin flakes and irritates.

The solution can be applied to hydrocortisone on troubled skin. It's good to consult your doctor first to get more accurate information.

Vertex or Stain on the Face
It occurs because free radicals are exposed to UV light which damages molecules and because of excessive production of melanin.

The solution can use scar that contains glycolic acid, hydroxy acid and vitamin C which serves to remove stains on the face.

Eye Skin Area That Is No Longer Smooth
Occurs due to the effects of aging. The solution is to use a sunscreen cream but choose one that is free from preservatives, fragrances and other irritating ingredients. No need to use eye cream when ladies have used moisturizers for sensitive skin. When exiting use glasses to protect the skin of the eye area.

Occurs because of many factors such as hormonal changes, excessive oil production and blockages in the pores of the facial skin.

The solution is to use products that contain salicylic acid for new or mild acne. Tetracycline is only given for long and stubborn acne. To open the pores of facial skin, use Retin A and Accutane to reduce oil production for facial skin.

Wrinkle skin
The main thing is because of the aging factor and direct exposure to the sun, which in turn affects the decrease in collagen and the moisture and elasticity of the skin.

The solution is to use creams that contain vitamin A. To prevent wrinkles can use a combination of Renova and Rovin A. To protect the skin from sun exposure can use a sunscreen cream.

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