Windowsill Gardening

24 April 2017
Windowsill Gardening What could be better than growing fresh vegetables and herbs at home? Keeping a patch of land full and flourishing is a full time job, but if you want to mix a little greenery in with your salad, a windowsill garden is the perfect option.

Simple to manage and easy to afford, here are some tips on getting started.

1. Select your pots. Use your creativity to brighten up the area around the windowsill you choose. 2. Select your herbs. Basil can treat common colds and help with acne inflammation. Sage Relieves sore throat and is delicious in tea (with lemon). Rosemary fights stress and anxiety, also adds shine to the hair. Mint is a quick breath freshener and a perfect addition to hot or cold tea. Some plants will require special attention regarding fertilizer or more or less water. Be sure to choose plants that you have time to care for.

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