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Aviangga Body Massage

by Ajna Villa Spa
IDR. 840,000IDR. 807,000Include Tax & Service

Duration : 1 hour 10 minutes

Aviangga (Abhyanga)  is an Indian traditional therapy based on ancient Ayurveda. By analyzing DOSHA type of your body in a counseling session, the selection of DOSHA oil; PITTA (fire), KAPPA (ground/water) or VATA (wind) used for performing Aviangga on your body is identical to your body's DOSHA type to effectively eliminate toxins from your body. After the treatment, you will find your body and mind lighter.

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Yama M21

July 02, 2016

Day use was used by return day option. I waited for a pick-up at the hotel, but it didn't come in, and the hotel asked me that it was delayed. About 40 minutes later, I left the hotel and headed. This small villa has private space only in the room, and the pool and spa rooms are public spaces. You can also stay. A Japanese woman gave me a barley tea. Since Balinese tea is sweet and has a sense of black tea, Japanese barley tea has been delicious for a long time! Choose a spa menu and go straight to the spa. Healed, when I finally got in a flower bath and tried to take a shower, I could not get hot water. I told the staff, the shower would be taken in the room, I rolled a towel on my head, put on a gown and moved . I was showered safely!


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Ajna Villa Spa

Jl. Arwana No.11, Jimbaran, Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361

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IDR. 840,000IDR. 807,000Include Tax & Service

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