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Balinese Massage

by Kayma Spa Ubud
Duration : 1 hour
A unique combination of Balinese local techniques, acupressure and muscles manipulation in a harmony movement for entire Body.

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June 12, 2016

Wow Loved the massage! the spa on the street are ok but this is another level! oil are great, ladies are lovely, all very clean and a beautiful structure too! Shaulina

May 20, 2016

My boyfriend and I stopped here for a 60 minute massage, we were given complimentary water/tea and fruit which was a nice touch. We were allowed to choose from 3 different oils , the massage was lovely and they seemed very experienced and professional. Nice that they provided a couples room with a view. Clbowler

January 10, 2016

Great quality for price most secluded spa This spa is great and pretty hidden which makes it more relaxing! The women are very nice and you wouldn't expect it but the small works really pack a punch while massaging! I was sore the next day (but the good got all the kinks out sore). Just be prepared if you get the package that you will be very naked but i am sure if you talk with them they will avoid this. The spa its self isn't as pristine and organized as a spa you would find in the USA but overall it was clean and the treatments were great. Springfield

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