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Q1 Balancing (Massage Room)

by Hua Spa Jimbaran
Duration : 2 hour
A balancing and energizing massage using various Asian techniques(Shiatsu, acupressure, reiki, balinese deep tissue and thai massage) Using 5 different types of Essential Oil blends to calm the mind, body and spirit. This treatment starts with a foot bath and follows by a massage,end up with a cup of lemon and hibiscus tea. (Suitable for those who enjoy strong pressure) 
The Massage Includes: 
  • Orange blossom foot wash & scrub 
  • Qi Balancing Full Body Massage 5 Types of Essential Oil Blends : 
  1. Clarity (Application: Head, Shoulder, Chest, Stomach) | Benefits: Clears the mind, body and nasal passages 
  2. Strength (Application: Front Legs and Feet) | Benefits: To Warm the body and relieve muscle pains 
  3. Healing (Application: Shoulder and back) | Benefits: To relieve stress and tension 
  4. Balance (Application: Back Leg & Feet) | Benefits: To Balance the mind and body 
  5. Awakening (Application: Head & Face) | Benefits: To awaken and energize the senses 
  • Lemon and Hibiscus Elixir

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