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Shama-shama Massage

by Andre Bali Spa Karangasem
Duration : 1 hour 30 minutes
The highlight of our massage treatments! Two therapists will indulge you with a very special massage technique, starting with an aromatic foot bath in floating flowers and continuing with a deep relaxation massage by two therapists at the same time using gentle movements in one rhythm.

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Abinadi d
September 16, 2016

Wonderful staff, clean facilities, terrific treatments, affordable pleasure. The staff there were so good that we returned three days in a row. The best that treatment that we had was the shama shama. First our feet were treated to a luxurious washing in warm water and rose petals. Then we went into a room and for ninety minutes, twenty fingers treated me and another twenty fingers treated my wife to a massage that was simply heavenly. A nice cup of tea was provided after the treatment.

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