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Signature Treatment - Five Elements

by Unagi Spa Denpasar
Duration : 2 hours

This traditional treatment begins with foot bath and cleansing the body with natural watercress body cleansing milk. A herbal inhalation with Balinese herbal chimes help the mind relax and calm. A detoxifying massage with warm spicy oil and healing spicy powder enhances the elimination of body toxins. Finally a healing clay & spicy wrap and crystal salt bath, rich in natural elements prepares you for a revitalizing journey to good health.

Inclusion :
  • Foot Bath (5 minutes)
  • Gentle Dry Massage (10 minutes)
  • Body Cress Body Cleansing Milk (10 minutes)
  • Herbal Inhalation (5 minutes)
  • Detoxifying Massage with Healing Clay & Spicy (60 minutes)
  • Crystal Salt Bath (30 minutes)
  • Body Lotion Splash (5 minutes)

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August 11, 2016

I got the Signature Treatment Five Elements from my husband as a sweet surprise. I really enjoyed my time there as the staff were all friendly, helpful and professional. The treatment was just fantastic! I even fell asleep during it. One thing I can suggest is they better have hair treatment as well and it'll be perfect! Gita

November 02, 2015

Exceptional signature package - Five Elements I do like the concept of this spa, a combination of "spa gallery" and "express all in one services". Moreover, it has aquatonic pool for those who have more time to pamper for FREE. I had five elements package together with my 4 Thai friends. Every stage of service cycle has wowed us. Their welcome was cheerful with friendly smile, genuine service gesture, stunning color of wellcome drink and fresh scented oshibori. Then the spa tour was impressive, directed by knowledgable GM & GRO. The reception was also proactive. Know well what treatment was appropriate to my condition after a full day tour to the mid and eastern part of Bali. What wow me very much was the therapist product knowledge and her skillful way of doing massage. What made it more delight was the massage itself; the pressure, the product used, and THE COMBINATION OF MASSAGE & SCRUB. So overall experience was beyond my expectation. BhuJay

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