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Andre Bali Spa Karangasem

Your journey to Candidasa, Bali wont be complete without a visit to ANDRE SPA BUITAN OR ANDRE SPA CANDIDASA, specially designed spa rooms with either air-conditioning or ceiling fans. I and my wife, Supik, opened our first beauty salon in November 2003 in Candidasa, bringing body care and beauty treatments to Villas or hotels in the area. Combining organic spa products and genuine Balinese treatments, we use only the purest and highest quality essentials oils, expertly blended with natural plant oils. We offer spa, beauty products and excellent service from the ANDRE SPA range. Please come and try out our skills and pamper yourself during your holiday with ANDRE SPA BUITAN in a modern Balinese building style located at Jl. Raya Buitan 3 km from the centre of Candidasa, next to a forest and a nice garden to refresh your mind, body and soul or ANDRE SPA CANDIDASA located in the central of Candidasa town, side to side with restaurant and shopping center surrounding.

Note: Complimentary pick-up and drop-off service within the same area is provided by the spa for min. 2 person. Please indicate your hotel/villa address and contact number in "special request" box on your payment page.


  • Balinese Body Massage (60)
    IDR. 260,000 IDR. 201,250
  • Balinese Body Massage (90)
    IDR. 340,000 IDR. 264,500
  • Aromatherapy Body Massage (60)
    IDR. 260,000 IDR. 201,250
  • Aromatherapy Body Massage (90)
    IDR. 340,000 IDR. 264,500
  • Warm Stone Massage
    IDR. 405,000 IDR. 333,500
  • Shama-shama Massage
    IDR. 450,000 IDR. 402,500
  • My Good Karma
    IDR. 396,000 IDR. 345,000
  • Nlungsungi
    IDR. 542,000 IDR. 471,500
  • The Royal Dream
    IDR. 595,000 IDR. 517,500
  • Aloevera Body Mask
    IDR. 330,000 IDR. 287,500
  • Seaweed Body Mask
    IDR. 238,000 IDR. 207,000
  • Sunburn Treatment
    IDR. 542,000 IDR. 471,500
  • Ayurvedic
    IDR. 396,000 IDR. 345,000
  • Aromatic Flower Bath
    IDR. 608,000 IDR. 529,000


  • Foot & Leg Massage
    IDR. 260,000 IDR. 201,250


  • Spa Manicure
    IDR. 230,000 IDR. 184,000
  • Spa Pedicure
    IDR. 230,000 IDR. 184,000


  • Organic Facial
    IDR. 260,000 IDR. 201,250


  • Scalp & Hair Treatment
    IDR. 260,000 IDR. 201,250
  • Hair Braiding Long Hair
    IDR. 350,000 IDR. 287,500
  • Ear Candle
    IDR. 138,000 IDR. 115,000
  • Indian Bliss
    IDR. 595,000 IDR. 517,500
  • Hair Braiding Short Hair
    IDR. 287,500 IDR. 230,000


  • Honeymoon Packages (One Person)
    IDR. 793,500 IDR. 690,000
  • Valentine Bliss (Single)
    IDR. 654,000 IDR. 569,250
  • Valentine Bliss (Couple)
    IDR. 1,256,000 IDR. 1,092,500
  • Romantic of Touch (Single)
    IDR. 654,000 IDR. 569,250
  • Romantic of Touch (Couple)
    IDR. 1,256,000 IDR. 1,092,500
  • Andre Spa Favourites
    IDR. 675,000 IDR. 586,500
  • Wedding Ritual (Couple)
    IDR. 1,350,000 IDR. 1,265,000

Customer Reviews


October 07, 2016

This Spa is the best in town by far! My wife and i had massages every day and my wife also had the best facial in Bali here.

Andy B

September 22, 2016

We got feet and leg massages on first day and went back for an aromatic full body massage on second. Both were brilliant and completely relaxing experiences. The cost was really good too, we saved about 30-40%.

September 04, 2016

This was my friends and i was visit to bali. So while plannin our itinerary we knew we wanted to do the volcano trek at Mt Batur. We also wanted a day at andre spa which we had heard about from trip advisor. And to our surprise, andre spa offers a package comprisin of volcano trek at Mt Batur, a swim in the hot springs and finally spa at andre. The whole experience was amazing! Trust me you need a swim in the hot springs and some pampering at the spa after a lonnnnggg and tiring trek! Our guide was amazing and helpful. He was kind enough to allow us multiple rest stops during our hike since we were not exactly that fit :p. And the trek was totally worth it. It such an amazing view at the top of the mountain! The swim in the hotsprings following that was like a balm for our sore muscles. We were then taken to andre spa. The people there are so kind and hospitable. The massages were so relaxing. They also gave us amazing discounts! I would definitely recommend andre spa. Thank you andre for such an awesome day :)

Abinadi D

September 16, 2016

Wonderful staff, clean facilities, terrific treatments, affordable pleasure. The staff there were so good that we returned three days in a row. The best that treatment that we had was the shama shama. First our feet were treated to a luxurious washing in warm water and rose petals. Then we went into a room and for ninety minutes, twenty fingers treated me and another twenty fingers treated my wife to a massage that was simply heavenly. A nice cup of tea was provided after the treatment.

Andre Bali Spa Karangasem

Jl. Raya Buitan, Manggis, Karangasem, Bali 80871