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Ayaartta Spa Kuta

The word Ayaartta means treasure, inspiring us that being healthy is a treasure that we all should receive and keep. Ayaartta Spa provides a comfortable atmosphere and quiet zone to escape from daily-hectic-routines life activities. Nuanced minimalist spa, tropical design dominated with turquoise colour combination makes everyone enjoy the treatments feel relaxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated. A touch from professional and highly skilled spa therapist, combine with relaxing sound, natural but delightful tactile aromatherapy oil, turquoise, white wash wooden décor, (sight, smell, sound, touch, taste) surrounds the journey of relaxation, start from the moment you enter Ayaartta to the treatments. Offering 5 sensories journey during your stay. Ayaartta Spa creates a unique treatment concept, blending Asian therapy with balanced philosophy of health and well-being.


  • Foot Reflexology
    IDR. 375,000 IDR. 150,000


  • Ayaartta Signature Massage (1 hour)
    IDR. 400,000 IDR. 175,000
  • Ayaartta Signature Massage (1,5 hours)
    IDR. 475,000 IDR. 200,000
  • Ayaartta Signature Massage (2 hours)
    IDR. 550,000 IDR. 225,000
  • Ayaartta Signature Bamboo Massage (1 hour)
    IDR. 600,000 IDR. 225,000
  • Ayaartta Signature Bamboo Massage (90)
    IDR. 675,000 IDR. 250,000
  • Ayaartta Signature Bamboo Massage (120)
    IDR. 750,000 IDR. 300,000
  • Ayaartta Signature Stone Massage (60)
    IDR. 550,000 IDR. 195,000
  • Ayaartta Signature Stone Massage (90)
    IDR. 625,000 IDR. 220,000
  • Ayaartta Signature Stone Massage (120)
    IDR. 700,000 IDR. 245,000
  • Aromatherapy Massage (60)
    IDR. 500,000 IDR. 185,000
  • Aromatherapy Massage (90)
    IDR. 575,000 IDR. 210,000
  • Aromatherapy Massage (2 hours)
    IDR. 650,000 IDR. 235,000
  • Ayaartta Bali Magic
    IDR. 700,000 IDR. 250,000
  • Magic Bamboo
    IDR. 650,000 IDR. 350,000


  • Indian Head Massage
    IDR. 450,000 IDR. 200,000


  • Manicure & Pedicure
    IDR. 600,000 IDR. 250,000
  • Manicure
    IDR. 350,000 IDR. 150,000
  • Pedicure
    IDR. 350,000 IDR. 150,000


  • Ayaartta Traditional Facial
    IDR. 400,000 IDR. 175,000
  • Ayaartta Magic Touch
    IDR. 800,000 IDR. 350,000


  • Layon Sari Package
    IDR. 1,200,000 IDR. 500,000
  • Jaya Prana Package
    IDR. 800,000 IDR. 350,000
  • Janger Package
    IDR. 1,000,000 IDR. 400,000
  • Magic Finger Package
    IDR. 850,000 IDR. 375,000

Customer Reviews


January 29, 2016

Best refexology massage. Before I feel the soles of my feet hurt when walking while on holiday in Bali, and really, the same book refexology foot treatment, the therapist was very friendly and the service was very satisfactory, the place is clean and comfortable. I think the staff are skilled massage after a massage because my legs are comfortable again. Ians

Suraika S

April 21, 2016

The best bamboo massage i ever had. The therapist very professional, they know how to do the treatment. Will be back soon.. Suraika S

Maria Jellya

June 25, 2016

We got bamboo massage. The place itself is beautifull, comfy and cozy. But the massage is so-so. The masseuse was so strong that i need to told her to massage more softly. The hot stone was nice. And we actually have high expectation about bamboo massage. But i can say we lil bit dissapointed since its just grinding movement with bamboo to our body. But its not so bad either.N ot the best massage i ever had. So its ok. Maria Jellya

Rizal Fadillah

February 15, 2016

This is the one of nice spa in Bali, good massage and very clean. The staff is professional and very friendly. My body became more fresh after treatments, the service is very satisfied


October 26, 2016

Me and my husband are massage addict..we tried different kind of massage in many area in Indonesia and Thailand. While we're at Bali, we took a package of Ayaartta Signature Massage + Foot Massage + Ginger Tea for 120 minutes. The place was quite nice..typical a small-clean-chic-modern massage and reflexology. But the signature body massage and the foot massage were. Tyassoekarno


September 24, 2016

This was my first experience to the spa in Bali. The bamboo massage here was great. My husband and I are very satisfied. We want to go there again if we go to Bali Luthfi


January 14, 2017

Lovely day with my lovely husband to spend our time at this great place. Great Staff and great treament make us dont wanna leave. Highly recomended

Jhon A

January 01, 2016

Excellent service, good bamboo massage. Its really beautiful. Price also cheap but the quality is the best that i ever had in bali. Thank you ayaartta spa,the therapist name darma is so perfect Jhon A Australia

Ayaartta Spa Kuta

Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai No.9, Kuta, Bali