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Bali Ratu Spa Ubud

Bali Ratu Spa is a unique place for relaxation in Bali. "RATU" is the meaning of queen in Balinese or Indonesian. Try the taste of natural traditional Balinese treatment in Bali Ratu Spa. If you spend the elegant and luxurious time like a queen, your heart & body will be healed. Bali Ratu is committed to natural total beauty care. Offering a wide range of products suitable to tropical climate and made of natural ingredients processed by modern technology for women who believe that external beauty is equally as important as internal beauty. Greatly inspired by Indonesian culture and tradition to provide external treatments to beautify the face and body, and nurturing supplements to assist beauty from within. With Bali Ratu products, you will experience the wonder of looking good outside & feeling great inside.


  • Balinese Massage 60
    IDR. 519,850 IDR. 491,750
  • Balinese Massage 120
    IDR. 660,350 IDR. 632,250
  • Body Scrub
    IDR. 730,600 IDR. 702,500
  • Silky Body Treatment
    IDR. 730,600 IDR. 702,500
  • Chocolate Massage
    IDR. 730,600 IDR. 702,500
  • Hot Stone Massage
    IDR. 730,600 IDR. 702,500
  • Jamu-Jamu Therapy Massage
    IDR. 730,600 IDR. 702,500
  • Balinese Costume & Massage
    IDR. 1,138,050 IDR. 1,109,950


  • Facial
    IDR. 730,600 IDR. 702,500


  • Creambath
    IDR. 730,600 IDR. 702,500

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Bali Ratu Spa Ubud

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