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Cleopatra Spa Seminyak

Pamper yourself, in an Oasis of Calm. Inspired by the timeless legend of Cleopatra's opulence and matched by only the finest in high end spa treatments; Leave your cares at the door as you step into our Egyptian themed world of tranquility, relaxation and bliss. Our treatments and therapies use only the highest quality products, ranging from custom organic lotions, scrubs and creams, to designer brand nail polishes. Our goal is to provide an unparalleled spa experience, combining the best of ancient traditional therapies and contemporary techniques.

The spa is influenced by the legend of Cleopatra, one of the most well known Pharaoh's in ancient Egypt who was worshipped, as the living embodiment of a Goddess. Her beauty enslaved two of history's greatest conquerors and she is still synonymous with a lavish lifestyle, passion and taste for only the finest things in life. Cleopatra's enduring legacy has inspired our entire spa philosophy. In order to meet western quality service standards and hygiene requirements our staff, have participated in a comprehensive training program, to insure a safe and satisfying experience.

Our Champagne Spa Menu offers a collection of fabulous cocktails, mocktails, wine, fresh juices and champagne, as well as a wide selection of additional beverages. Enjoy our Traditional British High Tea and delicious snacks to nibble on while you are receiving the royal treatment.

Mr. Ketut is an International spa veteran, entrepreneur and the owner of 4 other successful spas on the island of the Gods. He was creatively motivated to build Cleopatra Spa and specifically tailor create all of the signature therapies, treatment styles and the unparalleled organic product line; in order to bring you a unique luxury experience. The goal was to create a beautiful, stress free and tranquil environment to indulge in the best that Bali and life have to offer.

Step into Cleopatra Spa and allow us to pamper you, in oasis of calm... and enjoy an experience fit for Pharaohs.


  • Restorative Full Body Massage 60
    IDR. 220,000 IDR. 165,000
  • Restorative Full Body Massage 90
    IDR. 280,000 IDR. 230,000
  • Island Of The Gods Full Body Massage 30
    IDR. 130,000 IDR. 120,000
  • Island Of The Gods Full Body Massage 60
    IDR. 220,000 IDR. 165,000
  • Nile Body Scrub 30
    IDR. 130,000 IDR. 120,000
  • Nile Body Scrub 60
    IDR. 220,000 IDR. 165,000
  • Restorative Full Body Massage 120
    IDR. 325,000 IDR. 290,000
  • Island Of The Gods Full Body Massage 120
    IDR. 325,000 IDR. 290,000
  • Nile Body Scrub 120
    IDR. 325,000 IDR. 290,000
  • Dessert Paradise Warm Stone Massage 60
    IDR. 245,000 IDR. 220,000
  • Dessert Paradise Warm Stone Massage 90
    IDR. 310,000 IDR. 280,000
  • Royal Bliss Back, Neck, Shoulder & Head 30
    IDR. 130,000 IDR. 110,000
  • Royal Bliss Back, Neck, Shoulder & Head 60
    IDR. 180,000 IDR. 145,000
  • Royal Bliss Back, Neck, Shoulder & Head 90
    IDR. 240,000 IDR. 195,000
  • Queen V-Steam
    IDR. 390,000 IDR. 350,000
  • Pharaos Four Hand Massage 60
    IDR. 310,000 IDR. 280,000
  • Pharaos Four Hand Massage 90
    IDR. 385,000 IDR. 360,000
  • Bronzed Goddess Tanning with Oztan
    IDR. 425,000 IDR. 400,000
  • Royal Lulur (without Bath - 90)
    IDR. 275,000 IDR. 260,000
  • Royal Lulur (with Bath - 120)
    IDR. 345,000 IDR. 320,000
  • Cleopatra Slimming Therapy
    IDR. 790,000 IDR. 760,000
  • Royal Bliss
    IDR. 325,000 IDR. 300,000
  • Platinum Royal Bliss
    IDR. 785,000 IDR. 760,000
  • Royal Milk & Honey Drip
    IDR. 375,000 IDR. 350,000
  • Chakra Milk & Honey Drip
    IDR. 255,000 IDR. 240,000
  • Cleo's Chocolate & Coffee Ceremony
    IDR. 775,000 IDR. 760,000
  • Mini Chocolate & Coffee Ceremony
    IDR. 345,000 IDR. 320,000
  • Cleopatra Short Ritual
    IDR. 365,000 IDR. 340,000
  • Radiance Ritual
    IDR. 375,000 IDR. 360,000
  • Pharaos Ritual
    IDR. 765,000 IDR. 750,000
  • Waxing - Chest
    IDR. 185,000 IDR. 170,000
  • Waxing - Stomach (Strip)
    IDR. 95,000 IDR. 80,000
  • Waxing Regular Bikini
    IDR. 115,000 IDR. 100,000
  • Waxing - Brazillian
    IDR. 155,000 IDR. 140,000
  • Waxing - Under Arm
    IDR. 105,000 IDR. 90,000


  • Divine Pampering Package
    IDR. 725,000 IDR. 700,000
  • Royal Pyramid Package
    IDR. 750,000 IDR. 720,000
  • Radiant Purification Ritual
    IDR. 1,425,000 IDR. 1,175,000


  • Sooth & Glow Facial
    IDR. 265,000 IDR. 250,000
  • Turn Back The Clock Facial
    IDR. 265,000 IDR. 250,000
  • Dessert Goddes Raw Honey Facial
    IDR. 265,000 IDR. 250,000
  • Radiantly Alive Facial With Clarins
    IDR. 425,000 IDR. 390,000
  • Ritual Purification Facial With Clinique
    IDR. 425,000 IDR. 390,000
  • Gleaming Goddess Facial With Artistry
    IDR. 465,000 IDR. 420,000
  • Waxing Lip
    IDR. 85,000 IDR. 70,000
  • Waxing Chin
    IDR. 85,000 IDR. 70,000
  • Waxing Eyebrow
    IDR. 85,000 IDR. 70,000
  • Waxing - Lip & Eyebrow
    IDR. 145,000 IDR. 130,000


  • Waxing - Full Leg
    IDR. 245,000 IDR. 230,000
  • Waxing - Half Leg
    IDR. 145,000 IDR. 130,000

Customer Reviews

Delole F

September 02, 2015

Feeling good and entertained, I've been told to come here and i did it. i had a good time, my nails done and pedicure and of course a massage :-))))))) i will come back for sure Thank youuuuuu Delole F  


September 05, 2015

What a find! This spa was next door to our Villa. So, we went every day. Massage, blow waves, nails, facials.. everything is offered. When you arrive you are offered a chilled ginger beer and face towel. Service is very good, plenty of staff to do the treatments, and always very accommodating with bookings. Extremely good value. Highly recommend if you are staying in Seminyak. Sharynn


September 21, 2015

Really nice spa place. Good prices for how good the service and facilities were. It was really great. Much prefer to pay the little extra here compared to the cheap street massage places.Had a couples facial and head massage. Great service from the two therapists we had.

Manicure/pedicure and hair areas down stairs looked really nice. We liked that the menu had a section on hygiene. This place looked like a really nice spa you could find in Australia. Nice and clean and well decorated.

We went up stairs to the couples room and the place was decorated beautifully. All round great experience and would definitely visit here again.

Cleopatra Spa Seminyak

Jalan Batubelig No.9, Seminyak, Kuta, Bali