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DaLa Spa Ubud


  • Balinese Massage 60
    IDR. 544,500 IDR. 482,790
  • Balinese Massage 90
    IDR. 665,500 IDR. 603,790
  • Oriental Massage
    IDR. 598,950 IDR. 569,003
  • DaLa Aromatherapy Massage
    IDR. 598,950 IDR. 569,003
  • Urut Nusantara
    IDR. 598,950 IDR. 569,003
  • Warm Stone Detox Massage
    IDR. 665,500 IDR. 632,225
  • Sandalwood Healing Massage
    IDR. 665,500 IDR. 632,225
  • Manis Klepon
    IDR. 1,022,450 IDR. 920,205
  • Bunga Rampai
    IDR. 1,022,450 IDR. 971,328
  • DaLa Signature
    IDR. 1,022,450 IDR. 971,328
  • The Royal Wedding Ritual
    IDR. 1,143,450 IDR. 1,086,278
  • The Palace Ritual
    IDR. 1,143,450 IDR. 1,086,278
  • Tutti Fruity
    IDR. 1,143,450 IDR. 1,086,278
  • The Island Cocoon
    IDR. 1,143,450 IDR. 1,029,105


  • Malabar Tea Ceremony
    IDR. 1,270,500 IDR. 1,206,975

Customer Reviews

Jung Im Shin

January 10, 2016

Very good. When i come again in bali, I have to visit here. Jung im Shin

Taliska K

October 04, 2016

I enjoyed absolute 5 star treatment when I booked the DeLa Signature treatment on my honeymoon. Simply divine! Wouldn't hesitate to highly recommend.


August 10, 2016

We went for the DaLa spa signature treatment which comprised of a 2 hour Balinese massage.

When we entered, we were greeted with freshly made tea and asked to fill up other details, ranging from the type of music we liked and areas we wanted to focus on.

We were then escorted to our massage suite.

Our treatment started with a traditional Balinese massage, freshly grated coconut & brown sugar scrub and followed by a pandan yogurt mask.

To wash it all off, we had a 15 minute bath in essential oils, pandan leaves and fresh assorted flowers like marigolds, roses and jasmines.

A definite recommend for couples.


March 27, 2016

You know that scene from Eddie Murphy's Coming to America when the film opens with him being pampered as only a royal prince is pampered and he bathes in flowers? That's how I felt today at Dala. It's so beautiful and serene and the treatment with the wonderful Puty (sp?) was intensely relaxing and indulgent. I got the signature treatment that included foot wash (with fresh ginger, lemongrass, limes, etc.), incredible hour Balinese massage, scrub with fresh coconut and palm sugar, body mask and then ends with a warm bath with the most gorgeous flowers. I didn't want to leave. It's such a fabulous experience and one that you would pay $500 or more in the U.S. in a larger city for far less quality and only a fraction of that here. 

Liana Wright

April 02, 2016

The most amazing spa experience! Loved every part of the spa ritual. Liana Wright

DaLa Spa Ubud

Alaya Resort Ubud, Jl. Hanoman, Ubud, Bali 80571