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Frangipani Spa Nusa Dua

What is Natural Essential Minerals Therapy ?
Living in a modern life, the essential minerals from our body is deprived by stressful daily life or anxiety conditions. Even we care about nutritious diet, our body system would lose its function if our body has less mineral which encourage our body cell activate. "Natural essential minerals Therapy" brings our body supple with essential minerals from the ocean. Natural SeaSalt is very rich in mineral source which is truly essential for our whole body, will give us several uplifting results to bring our body cell's healing potential, to improve body circulation, re-balancing our autonomic nerve system or calm our mind.

What is Jamu ?
Jamu is a secret remedy popularly used during Indonesian Solo dynasty, this ancient traditional healing medical method is carried on more than 1200 years. Jamu is natural herb remedy made from plant roots, wood or flowers. Originally introduced by Indian 'Ayurveda', the basic jamu method follows the Ayurveda medical method. We provide range of spa treatment using our original cosmetic brand "LOHAS" which is jamu based product.

Treatments by Frangipani Esthetics range collaborates the secret remedy of Balinese herb Jamu and the premium marine therapy (Thalasso Therapy) which is totally unique and original.


  • Chakra
    IDR. 1,720,000 IDR. 1,548,000
  • The Meditation
    IDR. 1,650,000 IDR. 1,485,000
  • Deep Tissue
    IDR. 1,130,000 IDR. 1,017,000
  • The Men's Spa
    IDR. 1,130,000 IDR. 1,017,000
  • Meditation Half A, B, C
    IDR. 1,060,000 IDR. 954,000
  • The Last Day spa
    IDR. 1,060,000 IDR. 954,000
  • The A La Carte Spa
    IDR. 900,000 IDR. 810,000
  • Signature Frangipani
    IDR. 600,000 IDR. 540,000
  • Shirodara
    IDR. 530,000 IDR. 477,000
  • Javanese Massage
    IDR. 480,000 IDR. 432,000
  • Balinese Massage
    IDR. 480,000 IDR. 432,000
  • Detox Massage
    IDR. 480,000 IDR. 432,000


  • Half Day Aquamedical Treatment
    IDR. 1,460,000 IDR. 1,314,000
  • Slim & Beauty
    IDR. 1,190,000 IDR. 1,071,000
  • The Spa Tridosha
    IDR. 1,130,000 IDR. 1,017,000
  • Deep Moisturising
    IDR. 1,130,000 IDR. 1,017,000


  • Anti Aging and Miracle Lift - Up
    IDR. 1,130,000 IDR. 1,017,000
  • Deep Cleansing Facial
    IDR. 600,000 IDR. 540,000
  • Aroma Facial
    IDR. 480,000 IDR. 432,000


  • Foot Massage
    IDR. 480,000 IDR. 432,000


  • Scalp Creambath
    IDR. 480,000 IDR. 432,000

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Frangipani Spa Nusa Dua

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