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Kalpika Spa Denpasar

The Secret of Relaxation

Kalpika spa comes with giving threatment that really will make your body refreshed, with a total of 52 beds consisting of 8 rooms couple and 12 room triple, Spa rooms that are intended for women & Man to pamper the body is designed with beautiful and comfortable atmosphere as well private for visitors.

Kalpika Spa Located at By Pass Sanur, with the concept of a mix of traditional and modern treatment techniques make Kalpika spa to be one of the best spa alternative.

Massage can relieve aches, pains and stiffness caused by excessive exercise activity. The massage is done on a regular basis can increase their endurance and muscle when exercising so it does not get tired. This treatment also accelerates muscle recovery after exercise.

Too many moving joints can inhibit the growth of the body and other health problems later in life. Massage will help relieve the strain on the joints and improve joint flexibility after the rest of the body. If you have pain in the joints after the massage, can be an indication there is a point of tension in your body. Therefore, the massage should be done regularly to restore diseased joints.


  • Aromatherapy Body Massage (60)
    IDR. 326,700 IDR. 169,000
  • Aromatherapy Body Massage (90)
    IDR. 849,000 IDR. 249,000
  • Aromatherapy Body Massage (120)
    IDR. 1,143,450 IDR. 295,000
  • Chocolate Massage (60)
    IDR. 245,025 IDR. 145,000
  • Chocolate Massage (120)
    IDR. 816,750 IDR. 255,000
  • Shiatsu Massage (60)
    IDR. 245,025 IDR. 145,000
  • Shiatsu Massage (120)
    IDR. 816,750 IDR. 255,000
  • Lulur Spa (60)
    IDR. 245,025 IDR. 145,000
  • Lulur Spa (120)
    IDR. 1,143,450 IDR. 295,000
  • Magic Hot Stones (60)
    IDR. 245,025 IDR. 145,000
  • Magic Hot Stones (120)
    IDR. 816,750 IDR. 255,000
  • Balinese Massage
    IDR. 326,700 IDR. 159,000
  • Kalpika Natural Spa
    IDR. 490,000 IDR. 359,000
  • Kalpika Herbal Spa
    IDR. 571,725 IDR. 395,000
  • Chocolate Hot Stone Massage
    IDR. 550,000 IDR. 350,000
  • Secret Garden Spa
    IDR. 653,400 IDR. 350,000


  • Reflexology
    IDR. 326,700 IDR. 169,000


  • Lemon Honey Facial
    IDR. 245,025 IDR. 145,000
  • Aloe Vera Facial
    IDR. 245,025 IDR. 145,000

Customer Reviews


November 28, 2016

We had it in Ubud and now in Seminyak. Consistent. Highly recommend it. Good ambience, polite staff and a good massage. What more can one ask.


October 31, 2016

This is a great place. So clean and actual massage therapists. Made is amazing she is an amazing masseuse and great at facials too. Absolutely love this place you can't get a bad therapist. A must try but you should book if you can worth the wait


November 11, 2016

My husband had reflexology and loved it. He is fussy and likes a very firm treatment and actually got it. I had a scrub and facial and the facial was the best of 4 different places I have tried. The facial included the neck, shoulder and upper chest, so the treatment was inclusive of all of this area. If we are still here, in a couple of days we will go back!

Kalpika Spa Denpasar

Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai No. 515, Pesanggaran, Benoa, Denpasar