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The Sanctoo Spa Ubud

Sanctoo Spa Treatment was Developed to Produce the Deep Relaxation Efect

Sanctoo Spa treatment utilizes the unique healing power that lies in human hand. Using sensitive and hand energy, treatment that best suits you will be given to guide you to bliss and revive your senses.

The Arts of Touch and Pressure relives tension and stiffness. The combination of this two technique will instill new energy into your body and mind and guide you to the world of Relaxation

The rythem of the treatment is synchronized to the rythem of guest respiration. Guest respiration that has become faster and shallow under everyday strain will become deeper and longer in relaxing environment.

Meridians point- the central part of your body and are thought to govern the flow of " CHI" which is energy inside of you. Sanctoo Spa treatment focus on this meridians point of whole body and direct the flow of "CHI" to keep your body mind well balanced and circulate the energy through your body.

After Indulging yourself in comfort, wake up with refreshing stretch to find your body and mind rejuvenated and your senses revived.


  • Foot Reflexology
    IDR. 305,000 IDR. 280,000
  • Indulgence Foot Relaxing
    IDR. 366,000 IDR. 325,000
  • Revitalizing Foot and Leg Treatment
    IDR. 793,000 IDR. 715,000


  • Back and Neck Shoulder Massage
    IDR. 305,000 IDR. 280,000
  • Body Scrub
    IDR. 732,000 IDR. 650,000
  • Aroma Therapy
    IDR. 610,000 IDR. 585,000
  • Body mask
    IDR. 732,000 IDR. 650,000
  • Javenese Lulur
    IDR. 915,000 IDR. 845,000
  • Revitalizing Massage
    IDR. 610,000 IDR. 585,000
  • Holistic Body Treatment
    IDR. 1,342,000 IDR. 1,187,500
  • Holistic Massage
    IDR. 793,000 IDR. 687,500
  • Revitalizing Body Treatment
    IDR. 1,464,000 IDR. 1,250,000
  • Relaxing Body and Face treatment
    IDR. 1,464,000 IDR. 1,250,000
  • Relaxing Treatment
    IDR. 1,464,000 IDR. 1,250,000
  • Nature of Soul Blessing Program ( couple )
    IDR. 15,730,000 IDR. 14,432,500
  • Crystal Healing
    IDR. 1,220,000 IDR. 1,062,500
  • 90 Minutes Spa Program
    IDR. 915,000 IDR. 845,000
  • 120 Minutes Spa Program
    IDR. 1,500,000 IDR. 1,250,000
  • 180 Minutes Spa Program
    IDR. 2,440,000 IDR. 2,040,000
  • Balinese Massage
    IDR. 451,400 IDR. 390,000
  • Rejuvenating Massage
    IDR. 610,000 IDR. 540,000
  • Rejuvenating Body Treatment
    IDR. 1,830,000 IDR. 1,680,000
  • Stone Massage
    IDR. 854,000 IDR. 700,000


  • Organic Facial
    IDR. 854,000 IDR. 747,500
  • Organic Black Tea and Sorghum Facial
    IDR. 1,220,000 IDR. 1,080,000
  • Vitamin C Facial
    IDR. 1,830,000 IDR. 1,680,000
  • Sun Burn Facial
    IDR. 488,000 IDR. 420,000
  • Traditional Facial
    IDR. 622,200 IDR. 560,000
  • Collagen Infusion Facial
    IDR. 976,000 IDR. 900,000


  • Nature of Soul Blessing Program ( 1 person )
    IDR. 8,470,000 IDR. 7,375,000
  • Revitalization Spa treatment with Elepant Expedition
    IDR. 1,650,000 IDR. 1,237,500
  • Beauty Refreshing
    IDR. 976,000 IDR. 800,000
  • Sanctoo Package
    IDR. 610,000 IDR. 500,000
  • Revitalizing Package
    IDR. 915,000 IDR. 750,000

Customer Reviews


April 09, 2017

Had spend for almost 3 hours to enjoy their impressive treatments. Start with foot bathing, deep massage, body scrub continue with relaxing facial treatment then flower bathing for the last. Me and my sister extremely satisfied with their service. Very friendly and professional staff. At first, after welcome drink they started off by give us chart of the human body and asking where we would like the focus area of massage. The massage itself was very deep and relaxing. Can't really wait to come back soon

The Sanctoo Spa Ubud

The Sanctoo Villa, Jalan Raya Singapadu Gang Beji, Kecamatan Sukawati, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali